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First of all - thank you for taking the time to read our book, we sincerely hope you enjoyed it.

As we're sure you recall - to complete Chapter 14's homework all you had to do was to add a badge to your own completed Famous Primates homework website.

What's next?

If you reached this page chances are you've already finished your homework website, found the badges page, selected a badge and carefully placed it somewhere on your Famous Primates site.

Chances also are that what you're looking for now is a real badge, one that you can pin onto the lapel of your real tweed jacket. Don't worry, further instructions will follow below.

We've already mentioned we've created a very limited edition of real badges - all we ask you to do in order to earn the special honor of receiving one is to to your finished Famous primates web site.

Once we've checked your web site validates, a badge will be hurried your way posthaste. We only have a limited number of these collector's items available, so please note: First come, first served!

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