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Stealing Mr Bingo’s Hair Portraits

Laugh it up, fuzzball! [Detail]

You may or may not have heard of the wonderfully named Mr Bingo. An illustrator and animator, living and working in London, he describes himself as having, “a slightly smaller than average,” head and, “girl’s arms,” plus, “the same haircut as his mum.”

As his Twitter bio puts it:

Some say he’s the ‘Master of Pens’. Some call him ‘The Justin Bieber of Drawing’. Some say he fucks about for a living.

Fucking about or not, Mr Bingo – like many a creative – earns his keep through a combination of a witty worldview and delightful draftsmanship. When the two come together the results are striking. One of Mr Bingo’s better know pieces is his series of ‘Hair Portraits’, which includes an instantly recognisable portrait – in hair alone – of Leia, Luke, Han and Chewie from ‘Star Wars’, titled ‘A New Hope’.

The print is available to buy via Nelly Duff, who state:

Mr Bingo didn’t learn a lot at school, but he did discover one valuable thing: he was good at making people laugh. Now a successful illustrator based in East London, he is “drawing stuff” for the likes of The Mighty Boosh, QI, the Guardian, MTV and The New York Times. As well as making pictures, Mr Bingo regularly speaks at events on his favourite topics, such as religion, the internet, dating, animals, art and terrorism.

Imagine Mr Bingo’s shock on discovering his artwork lifted, lock, stock and barrel, imaginatively retitled ‘Hair Cut Star Wars’, and applied to – of all things – tote bags. (Not to mention framed art prints, stretched canvases, T shirts, tank tops and hoodies… in short anything you can apply it to. This truly is ‘design as thin veneer’, applied to base material in an effort to turn it into gold.)

One can only hope that this egregious state of affairs will be speedily remedied by Society6 who represent, “hundreds of thousands of artists from around the world.” One prays they’ll also remove the ‘artist’, appropriately named Thug, behind this creation and another, which looks remarkably like Peter Saville’s iconic work for Joy Division.

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