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If you’re in Belfast on Wednesday, 28 August, Mr Murphy – one half of The Standardistas equation – will be running a masterclass on Storytelling and Social Media, as part of August Craft Month.

A half day, afternoon session, subsidised by Craft NI, the masterclass is absolutely free and is open to all to attend, however, places are limited and we’d advise you to snap up a ticket before they all disappear.

If you’re interested in learning about how social media can be used to help tell the story of your business, you’re very welcome to attend. The masterclass will explore:

How craftspeople – indeed any creatives – can embrace social media (tools like Twitter, Facebook and others) to increase audience engagement and, as a result, increase sales. Introducing social strategies used by a range of creative professionals, we’ll investigate the benefit social media can offer the creative sector through adding value, building networks and ultimately driving a sustainable creative business.

This is not a ‘how to’ masterclass on becoming a ‘social media guru’ (or any of the other terms these ‘specialists’ tend to use). It’s a masterclass about the importance of knowing your own story, the art of telling that story in a captivating manner, and finally an overview of the social media landscape, and a guide to some of the tools you might use within that landscape to tell your story.

Places are limited. If you’re interested, you should pick up a ticket now.

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