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An example of Gaunt markup. [Detail]

The quest for absolute zero might, just, have been reached in the search for beautiful, minimalist and versatile templating markup languages. Darius Kazemi – “I build weird internet stuff.” (His words, not ours.) – has lifted the veil on Gaunt, “The most aesthetically minimalist markup language ever.”

As Kazemi puts it, “The core idea of Gaunt is that it maximizes the beauty of your markup,” clearly demonstrated in the following example of Gaunt markup:


A mix of tabs and spaces – each tab representing a binary 0 and each space representing a binary 1 – Gaunt’s markup is nothing if not elegant. (The above markup renders, “Hello world!” – What else did you expect?) The beauty of this approach is clear, you only have to remember two characters to use it and, its simplicity is unparalleled.

As Kazemi puts it:

Reading a Gauntfile is like looking at a Suprematist composition by Malevich, or listening to John Cage’s 4’33”. Its beauty is transcendent.

It’s hard to disagree with this assessment, and we’ve no doubt that Malevich and Cage would be equally enamoured by Gaunt’s elegant approach. Truly great work.

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