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The Craft of Words - Part 1

The Craft of Words by The Standardistas [Detail]

We were delighted to be invited late last year by the fine folks at Five Simple Steps to contribute to their new Pocket Guide series. We’ve been quietly working away, like the elves in the shoemaker’s, and are happy to announce that the first of our books for the Pocket Guide series is now available.

The first in a two part series that cover macrocopy and microcopy, The Craft of Words - Part 1 focuses on words at a macro level, exploring how words - when considered as a design element - can help shape and improve a design, whilst focusing a brand and its user experience. As we put it for the book’s summary:

Look carefully and you’ll notice that many of the most successful designs are built around words. Apple tantalise us with the ability to hold, “1,000 songs in your pocket.” MailChimp has created a wonderfully engaging brand, heavily focused around language.

Words lie at the heart of what we create as designers and an understanding of how they might be used will make you better at your craft. Just like an understanding of grid systems, colour theory and typography are essential for the practicing designer, we must take responsibility for the words that make up the content we shape.

We’re delighted with how the book turned out and we owe a debt of gratitude to the team at Five Simple Steps - in particular Emma Boulton, who leads up the Five Simple Steps team, and our editor Owen Gregory - for their support in helping to realise what we’re sure you’ll find a useful book.

The book is very reasonably priced – you can pick it up for less than the price of a single espresso - and we’re sure it will provide just the shot of inspiration you need. Naturally, we’d encourage you to get your copy now.

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