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Koken - Creative web site publishing [Detail]

From the experienced hands of Dominey Design comes Koken - a creative web site publishing tool. Out of private beta today, Koken is a self-hosted content management system specifically designed for “photographers, designers, and creative DIYs to publish independent web sites of their work”. It sports a beautiful interface, it themeable, and even syncs with Adobe Lightroom. And all this is absolutely free:

Why free? Because amazing things can happen when individuals with ambition, ideas and the urge to create are provided tools to bring their visions to life. […] The more creative talent we have using Koken, the richer our marketplace of third party themes, plugins and other enhancements will be. That in-turn will push us — as Koken’s developers — to continually improve and expand the platform for everyone’s benefit.

The business model is sound too, by providing extras, services and enhancement the product can be kept afloat. And as it’s hosted on your own server you don’t have to worry about the acquisition and subsequent shutdown scenario either.

Koken requires some degree of effort to install and set up, but nothing that should frighten even the rustiest of web masters. If you’re in the creative field, a photographer, illustrator or fine artist perhaps, it might just be the product you’ve been waiting for.

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