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Handsome Stats

Handsome Stats [Detail]

If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of Google Analytics, Handsome Stats looks like it might be just the ticket for you. Offering, “an understandable snapshot of your Google Analytics,” Handsome Stats connects with your existing Google Analytics account and creates beautifully crafted visualisations of your analytics data.

As its creators put it:

Handsome Stats is a very clever and rather dashing view of Google Analytics. It’s superb for highlighting trends in your web traffic.

As Kris Sowersby, Director at Klim Type Foundry, puts it:

[Handsome Stats] cuts through the bewildering complexity of raw Google stats.

Created by Batch Goods who are, “making handy and handsome digital products,” (including The Responsinator, which you might have also heard of), Handsome Stats is well worth a look to cut through the analytics confusion.

[Via Mr Schoen.]

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