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Worthe Numerals

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Worthe Numerals, designed by the fine folks at House Industries, are designed to be large, attract attention, and — when needed — drop a shadow. As they put it: “Worthe Numerals brighten the daily drumbeat of numerical gloom.”

Who are we to disagree? Their weighty exuberance are guaranteed to lift the most dreary of designs, adding a little flavour, like a fine spice can lift a dish. On the design process, the House Industries team write thus:

Worthe Numerals come out of a time-tested development cycle where House Industries employees ask: “What if this could be just a little more….”

After pushing traditional didot forms to the limit, these digits were originally applied to a set of wood blocks. But, who says replenishable Michigan-grown basswood should have all the fun? So we added everything one needs to stylishly set their current currency and credit default swap hedges, while also being able to set the appropriate fractional take from their blog’s micropayment structure.

If numbers are on the design agenda, take a look, they’re guaranteed to brighten your day.

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