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We Are Devastated

The Last Brother Typewriter Produced in the UK [Detail]

As anyone that has ever attended one of our workshops will attest, regardless of location in the world, we always - always - bring a typewriter with us. (A typewriter, after all, should form the backbone of any self-respecting designer’s toolbox.)

We were devastated to discover, therefore, that Brother – which has manufactured 5.9 million typewriters since its factory in Wrexham opened in 1985 – has produced its last typewriter at the north Wales factory. Generously Brother have donated the last typewriter to roll off their production line to the Science Museum in London.

A spokesman for the London Science Musuem stated that the piece represented the end of a technology which had been, “important to so many lives.” Our lives included.

We’d like to tip our hats to one Mr Edward Bryan, a worker at the factory since 1989, for being granted the honour of assembling the UK’s last typewriter. Set aside two and a half minutes and watch the last typewriter in the UK being constructed.

As the BBC put it: “It’s a stop for QWERTYUIOP.”

[Via Mrs Murphy.]

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