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The Voice of all the Gods

The Voice of all the Gods | I love typography, the typography and fonts blog [Detail]

Seb Lester recently released some beautiful works of art, as detailed over on I love typography. Firstly, some astonishing pieces of calligraphic art, printed on Metallic Gold ink on black Plike art paper:

‘The Voice of all the Gods’ is a quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Loves Labours Lost.’ The first time I read the passage in which this phrase occurs I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks. The words are extraordinarily rich, and I wanted my visual interpretation to reflect this.

Secondly, Mr. Lester released ‘Slate 1’ and ‘Slate 2’, Bespoke Roman monumental capitals carved into stone:

I designed bespoke Roman monumental capital letters. I then commissioned a very talented and respected letter carver to carve rude words into the finest Welsh slate

Never have the words “Arse” and “Bollocks” looked so magnificent.

The juxtaposition of the delightful Shakespearean quotes, meticulously calligraphed, with the bold, rude, roman monumental lettering carved into slate is not covered in depth by the designer, who instead offers another, more important nugget of wisdom:

It has become apparent to me that doing calligraphy makes you a better type designer, and doing type design makes you a better calligrapher. That was a beautiful revelation to me and one that I hope I will continue to benefit from.

This is a sentiment that we feel needs echoed. Stay within your comfort zone and you will never grow, as a designer, or as a person.

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