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The Magazine [Detail]

The Magazine, an interesting new low-cost publication for iPad and iPhone, curated by Marco Arment. The introduction says:

Many publications focus on reviews and comparisons, or bring you as much news as quickly as possible. The Magazine will not serve those roles. Instead, it takes a measured approach to the big picture: rather than telling readers everything that happens in technology, The Magazine delivers meaningful editorial and big-picture articles.

What’s interesting about The Magazine is that the formula — well written, simply formatted content — seem to go down really well with the punters. Now in its second issue, The Magazine is going from strength to strength. It’s success proves that people are willing to pay for good content, but also, that putting the content centre stage, eschewing the traditional heavily graphical ‘magazine approach’ was a gamble that paid off.

It might sound funny, but maybe it’s as simple as people preferring not to download several gigabytes before they can read an article?

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