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Should you have missed the news on Twitter, the typographic tool we’ve all been waiting for – Typecast – is now in public beta. Huzzah! If you haven’t already had the opportunity to try it in the limited beta, we’d urge you to give it a whirl.

Considerably easing the process of designing with web fonts, Typecast allows you to design with real web content, natively in the browser, providing real time typographic feedback. As the team developing it at Front, put it:

Designers can view, pair and compare web fonts in the browser on full-length text without having to create screenshots, assemble comps or hand-code their CSS.

The impact of this on your workflow can’t be overstated. If you work with content and type, Typecast should be a part of your design process. By allowing you to design with real content and offering a library of over 23,000 web fonts it enables you to rapidly prototype your designs, considerably speeding up the design process.

Developed by the fine folks at Front in our fine city of Belfast, Typecast has been a labour of love with the team spending a year listening to designers, building out new features and crafting a great user experience. We think it’s lovely, we’d urge you to try it out.

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