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The Secrets of Pinterest's Growth

The Secret Behind Pinterest’s Growth… [Detail]

An interesting piece on The Secret Behind Pinterest’s Growth…, over at AllThingsD. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann unveils some insights into what it was that lead to Pinterest becoming the third-largest source of referral traffic on the internet. Interestingly the company’s secret has little to do with Silicon Valley wisdom and more to do with making something you love (a theme that’s underpinned the last three years of Brooklyn Beta).

Silberman puts it best: “Instead of changing the product, I thought maybe I could just find people like me.”

We’ve said it many times before, if you make something useful that encapsulates your passion the chances are that quite a few of the world’s other 7.047 billion inhabitants will like it too. Sometimes the secret is to look to yourself for inspiration and stick to your passion, therein often lies the secret of success.

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