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Refresh Belfast Presents The MFA

MFA (Master of Fine Arts) [Detail]

We’re delighted to announce that October’s Refresh Belfast, co-run by Messrs McMillan and Murphy, will this month showcase the University of Ulster’s MFA Multidisciplinary Design, a course on which we teach and are passionate about.

The evening will highlight the breadth of work being undertaken on the Masters featuring designers working right across the communication design spectrum.

In a high-paced - think Pecha Kucha on crack - presentation titled ‘From 0 – 1.0’, Kyle Gawley will outline a few of the things you need to consider when forming your own digital startup. In a quick fire talk, with 100 slides in just ten minutes, he’ll explore some of the things you might have overlooked in the quest to build a startup.

Having transitioned from working solo to working as a part of a tightly knit team, David Turner will – in a presentation titled ‘Collaboratively Speaking’ – share his observations on the world of working collaboratively and how this impacts on the wider world, and how it can relate to and enhance practice.

Language and typography are inextricably linked, Pauline Clancy will explore this relationship in a presentation, unsurprisingly, titled ‘Language and Typography’. With an emphasis on the Irish printed word, exploring the marks that form our alphabet and enable us to communicate both on paper and digitally, Clancy will take us on a journey through typographic history.

Finally, Jonathan Hall will explore the growing emergence of ‘The Designer Entrepreneur’. As he puts it: “The definition of a graphic designer is changing. Once rooted in the service industry, graphic designers are now evolving into product designers and retailers. Hall will cast a light on the exciting opportunities ahead for the designer as entrepreneur.

Working with the students on the MFA, we’ve seen the presentations and they’re both beautifully crafted and thought provoking. Tickets are almost all gone, but it’s not too late to pick one up, we hope to see you there.

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