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Principles of User Interface Design

Principles of User Interface Design [Detail]

Comprising twenty succinct points from the mind of Mr. Porter, the aptly named Principles of User Interface Design is a must-read for any aspiring or established user interface designer.

If you read it a month ago when it was first published, go back and read it once more. These principles are meant to be referred to time and time again.

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Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club [Detail]

With possibly the most cogent advertorial introduction one can imagine, the Dollar Shave Club makes a very convincing case for ditching your vibrating eight blade razor, endorsed by some washed-up footballer, in favour of some good, old-fashioned steel. Sold.

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On a recent journey to Belgium to speak at Europeana 2012 1, we had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Mr. Stanhope, head of Historypin, a site which allows members of the public as well as institutions including museums and archives to tell stories about the present and the past by using photographs pinned onto maps.

By overlaying old photos onto a Street View™, Historypin makes it possible to compare the past with the present, a deceptively simple idea, which really captivates and creates a gateway into history.

The tremendous amount of content on the site, such as The Facial Hair Through Time Collection, is another reason to take a little time to acquaint yourself with Historypin, it’s truly stupendous.

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