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Don't Be A Free User

Don't Be A Free User [Detail]

On the official Pinboard blog, the article entitled Don’t Be A Free User makes for fascinating reading, especially in the light of recent acquisitions (c.f. Gowalla). The central premise is simple: don’t put your trust and pour your heart and soul into free services with no revenue model. The short version:

If every additional user is putting money in the developers’ pockets, then you’re less likely to see the site disappear overnight.

In other words, you don’t get what you don’t pay for.

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Henge [Detail]

Richard Pope built Henge “to nudge people to keep meetings on track”. It’s a nice and simple web based visual timing application for big or small screens. Make your own agenda and watch time go by as you work through the scheduled items.


[Via Blaine.]

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Alexander Girard Nativity Set [Detail]

With Christmas around the corner those fine gentleman at House Industries have just the ticket for those of you who are biblically inclined, namely the wonderfully crafted Alexander Girard Nativity Set. As they put it:

Based on an Alexander Girard wood panel illustration, House Industries created this three dimensional tribute to Girard’s fascination with nativities from solid maple and replenishable Michigan-grown basswood. Entirely printed by hand in our Grand Rapids, Michigan shop, each hand-assembled set represents nearly 100 separate screen pulls.

A snip at just $800.

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