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The 10K Apart Process

We started by having Reagan guide us… [Detail]

We’ve always found process posts to be both insightful and inspiring (as such we make a point of signposting them to our students to offer an insight into the design process). So, hot on the heels of our last post, we were delighted to discover a veritable cornucopia of process posts offering a behind the scenes look at the design of the latest 10K Apart – The Responsive Edition web site.

Generous to a fault, the team at Paravel have individually reflected on their processes, offering their unique insights into the project. Trent Walton, Dave Rupert and Reagan Ray all offer different viewpoints on the approach taken, however, collectively they present the different facets of a well-oiled studio working in beautiful harmony.

It’s great to see mood boards playing such a central role in the project – though it’s hardly a surprise to hear us saying that 1, 2 – and the real world inspiration the Paravel team draw from underlines the case for getting away from the computer occasionally. (As Reagan puts it: “Whether it’s a 1967 Mustang, a parts box for an old distributor or an owner’s manual for a 1965 Cadillac, we’re all over it.”)

Offering an additional perspective, Nishant Kothary – the project’s creative director (and information-architect-with-a-fascinating-belief-in-delightfully-unpredictable wireframes) – reflects upon the 10K Apart process in Back to the Future of Wireframes. Kothary’s post not only encompasses a wider array of themes, offering insight from a different angle, but – generously – makes the full functional wireframe deck for the project available to download as a PDF.

We’d urge you to download Kothary’s PDF, it offers a crystal clear insight into how wireframes need to evolve in a responsive, seemingly unwireframeable world. (We’d link to the wireframes here, but it’s better to read Kothary’s post first for context.)

Writing an opinion piece for MIX Online, Kothary offers additional insight in the last piece of the process jigsaw, containing further reflection on the Holy Responsiveness, Batman! process this year’s 10K Apart undertook.

Taken collectively, the various team members’ posts offer a real – and, dare we say it, unprecedented – insight into how multiple team members evolve an idea and execute a design from start to finish.

We’d urge you to set aside an hour and take a look at this year’s 10K Apart web site and, once you’ve had a chance to put the web site through its paces across a range of devices, read the various process posts linked to here, on its creation. We guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll learn a great deal en route.

We’d like to thank the entire team involved for their comprehensive reflection upon the project. It’s precisely this kind of generosity that fuels our industry and enables it to move forward and grow. A heartfelt thanks is in order. Great work.

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