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See You at DrupalCon!

DrupalCon [Detail]

We’re delighted to be playing a big part of DrupalCon London 2011, taking place in the fine city of London between 22 and 26 August.

We’re honoured to have been invited to deliver one of the conference’s three keynotes, alongside Drupal’s original creator and project lead Dries Buytaert and prolific writer and journalist Tom Standage. Put simply, we’re in truly stupendous company (and also in the privileged position of getting to know more of the devoted Drupal community, after the pleasure of attending one of Drupal Belfast’s recent meetups.)

Our keynote is titled Designing the Sustainable Web and considers strategies designers and developers need to embrace to deliver a sustainable web that exists beyond the here and now.

In keeping with a theme we’ve been developing for some time through our teaching, we’ll focus on how, by marrying fundamental web standards with timeless design principles, we can create beautifully designed user experiences that embrace the full range of emerging technologies at our disposal.

We’ll consider how HTML5 and CSS3 offer today’s designers and developers a platform on which to build sustainable web presences for tomorrow. In short, to create a sustainable web - one that exists across a growing number of devices - that is designed not with short term goals in mind, but that is built from the ground up with longevity as its driving force.

If you had the good fortune to snap up one of the conference’s rapidly-sold-out tickets we’ll see you for our keynote on 25 August. We’ll be arriving the day before, so do come and say hello and ask us for some of our good ol’ fashioned Standardistas’ Schwag™.

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