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Caffeine Monitor

Total Drinks per Attendee - 0.003 [Detail]

If you’re the sort of person who consumes copious quantities of coffee whilst enjoying deciphering information graphics, you’ll love Caffeine Monitor, Campaign Monitor’s contribution to this year’s Build conference. A simply lovely web application created by the talented team at Go Free Range and featuring a typically restrained design by Nicholas Felton, the application was designed to track the coffee consumption of the Build conference attendees and was, itself, a stunning visual feast.

Needless to say the ‘Number of Drinks Consumed’ fast approached infinite, the ‘Grams of Caffeine Consumed’ were extraordinarily high and the ‘Audience Caffeination’ level was set to ‘Alert’ (though this might also have had something to do with the free pic’n’mix on offer and the lovely Typekit cupcakes).

All round great work and precisely the kind of attention to detail and ‘added extra’ that sets Build apart from most other web design conferences. Hats off to Messrs Paper and Felton and, of course, the team at Campaign Monitor who sponsored something that was truly teh awesome.

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