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The Web Typography Online Conference

The Web Typography Online Conference [Detail]

Joining the ranks of Richard Rutter, Jeffrey Veen and Matthew Smith, we are delighted to announce that we will be speaking at Think Vitamin’s Web Typography Online Conference on Monday the 25 October, starting at 5pm BST.

Our talk, entitled “Learning from the Masters” will explore how web designers can find typographic inspiration in the wonderful world of print, looking back at some of the masters of the craft, and dissecting the principles that governed their typography.

Tickets are available now and selling like hot cakes, you should buy your ticket now, and get access to the best Web Typography Online Conference you’ll attend this year.

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Cognition [Detail]

A few weeks back Happy Cog launched Cogniton, a blog aptly described as “Brief musings on design, experience & code. And occasionally, ‘other.’”

One of the interesting aspects of this publication is how Happy Cog have decided to challenge the changing state of commenting culture:

Kids today are more likely to respond to a blog post on Twitter than in the article’s comments section; so we’ve collocated our comments on Twitter. Share a tweet-length response here, and, with your permission, it will go there. If you are moved to respond with more than 140 characters, post the response on your website, and it will show up here.

There are of course others before Happy Cog who have chosen to rethink how comments are handled on their sites, but this is most certainly another piece of evidence that the old paradigms are outdated, and ready to be replaced by something new.

Also, nice site.

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Back to the Mac [Detail]

It would appear Apple will be holding a live ‘Back to the Mac’ event on 20 October, 2010. Of all the rumours pouring from the rumour mill, we’re hoping Jobs grows a huge beard? will be the winner.

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IA? iA Seeks IAs

→iA [Detail]

IA? iA is looking for IAs.

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There's an app for that…™

Apple Registers Trademark for 'There's an App for That' [Detail]

There’s an app for that, apparently.

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Mother Effing Text-Shadow


The venerable Mr Paul Irish treats us to a Mother Effing text-shadow generator which in its very design exhumes the dangers fraught in overusing. Much like your dad’s after-shave, or Gentleman’s Relish, text-shadow should be used very sparingly. Very sparingly indeed.

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Sparrow [Detail]

If you’re somewhat serious about email and you happen to work on a Mac, the landscape you’ve inhabited over the last few years has been, how shall we say, rather dire.

There is of course Mail, which does fine for the casual user, but as soon as you’d like to do anything a little more advanced, like perhaps applying an even semi-advanced filter, it does fall rather short.

Other desktop clients have fallen short of challenging Mail, due to either non-Mac-like user interfaces, or lack of support for IMAP.

Given the vacuum, Gmail has stepped in as the de-facto mail client for many and, courageously building on this momentum, Dinh Viêt Hoà and Dominique Leca, have released a beta version of Sparrow, a Gmail only IMAP client, which unlike Mailplane is more than an advanced browser for the Gmail web interface. There is, for starters, a native offline mode.

The interface - reminiscent of the aesthetics of Tweetie - is elegant and minimal. As the application is in Beta, however, there are a few minor visual glitches and - maybe most critical - no support for Gmail labels, but overall it’s a very polished experience.

For those of you out there with a requirement for something non-Gmail based, the quest for the perfect email application continues. For us, we’re giving Sparrow a run for its money. How it holds up with heavy, day-to-day use is still an open question, but the first impressions are certainly favourable.

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Galpin Industries

Galpin Industries [Detail]

You might recall the gentleman we previously mentioned who wished to travel all the way from Toronto, Canada to Belfast, N. Ireland to attend the stupendous Build Conference…?

Well, Tyler Galpin, the 21 year-old web designer in question has just released his redesigned portfolio to the world, and judging by appearances, this is a young talent to look out for – it would appear he’s certainly going places.

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Warriors of Rock

Warriors of Rock [Detail]

It’s off topic, but it would be remiss of us not to congratulate our teaching colleague Tim Potter who - along with his band Escape Fails - has been selected as a finalist for Guitar Hero’s Warriors Of Rock competition.

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Bridge the Analogue-Digital Divide

Moleskine Covers for iPhone and iPad [Detail]

Torn between your Moleskine and your Breakthrough Internet Device? Fret no more. Moleskine have just introduced two new hybrid tools, that bridge the analogue-digital divide; “ultra-portable workstations for contemporary nomads,” that enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Lovely.

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The Evening Edition

Evening Edition [Detail]

Celebrating the one year anniversary of the redesign of Bobulate, Liz Danzico (with a little help from Dan Mall and Jason Santa Maria) introduces The Evening Edition. A subtle, but elegant addition.

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