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Mr Christopherson's Experiments

The Time [Detail]

Mr Christopherson’s experiments - with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - look lovely indeed and are well worth a bookmark. Entry #3 - 09.22.10 is particularly nice.

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Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview [Detail]

We are delighted to have been invited to speak at Sneak Preview as part of the C-Mine Culture Centre opening events program in Genk, Belgium.

We’ll be taking the stage on Friday, 24 September, alongside Mr. Collison, and probably having a fine Belgian beer or two afterwards. If you’re in the neighbourhood, please do pop by.

Web design, ook voor doetjes!

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Beauty of the Web

A More Beautiful Web [Detail]

Today sees the launch of the IE9 beta, a modern, standards-embracing browser that lets Microsoft’s offering into the “Good Browsers” club.

To showcase what IE9 (and any other modern browser) can do with HTML5, CSS3, WOFF, SVG, Canvas and other new-fangled technologies, Microsoft has created a website showcase: Beauty of the Web. According to the promotional blurb:

As amazing as the web is, its potential is immeasurably greater. Internet Explorer 9 was designed to let that potential shine through.

Stressing HTML5 as much as internal improvements such as rendering speed and user interface, IE9 is clearly trying to throw off its murky past and move towards the future, which is a welcome move.

As an aside, one of the showcases features the soon-to-launch Hardboiled Webdesign from the talented Mr. Clarke, now presumably happily reconciled.

We’re wishing IE9 all the best, and hoping that the uptake on Microsofts best browser to date will be rapid.

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The Digital Agencies of the Future

The Digital Agencies of the Future [Detail]

Nick Jones, a Flash developer from Minneapolis, compiles a list of the mobile websites of some of his favourite digital agencies. The result is an amusing, though hardly surprising, wake-up call.

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A Better Twitter?

A Better Twitter [Detail]

Following on from yesterday’s note, here is Twitter’s official line on the abandonment of the 140 character ethos:

Twitter has always been about getting a lot in a little. The constraint of 140 characters drives conciseness and lets you quickly discover and share what’s happening. Yet, we’ve learned something since starting Twitter—life doesn’t always fit into 140 characters or less.

New Twitter certainly is a big shift in direction.

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Good Fucking Design Advice [Detail]

Inspired by the inspired What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner comes Good Fucking Design Advice, whose aim is to “Serve the needs of the greater design community for the common good”.

G.F.D.A. promises to provide you with “immediate unbiased assistance - 24/7”.

Fuck Yeah!

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The Lost World's Fairs

Lost World's Fairs [Detail]

From the collective minds of Messrs. Santa Maria, Chimero, Hamid, Walton, and Rupert comes The Lost World’s Fairs, (née Operation: Condor) a site devised to mark the beta launch of Internet Explorer 9 and its support of the Web Open Font Format (WOFF).

According to the afore-linked-to eyewitness reports, the team was put together—heist-movie style—under the command of Santa Maria (and the éminence grise Mr Nishant Kothary from Microsoft). The end result, brim-filled with Typekit goodness, is nothing but spectacular - a fantastic celebration of the delights the web, three versions away from IE6, has to offer.

Absolutely splendid.

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Meet the New Twitter

Meet the New Twitter  [Detail]

In a major upgrade to its service, Twitter has announced a whole New Twitter which promises: “An easier, faster and richer experience.”

Taking more than a cue from the company’s recently launched iPad application, the service offers a new two-pane experience, that simultaneously preserves the elegance of the original Twitter text-only timeline, with a new, richer media-centred experience.

Thanks to partnerships with a number of media providers, including Flickr, TwitPic, Vimeo and YouTube, the two pane experience offers users the ability to drill down, enabling the discovery of related content via a ‘details pane’.

The richer media experience comes at a cost, however. For early adopters of the service, the move towards becoming a ‘consumption engine’ may well feel like a departure from the values Twitter was founded upon.

One of the fundamentals that was making Twitter so appealing was its almost haiku like quality: seventeen syllable, or, in Twitter’s case, 140 characters — distilled and concise. Twitter was all about the ability to, in the oft-quoted words of Blaise Pascal “write a shorter letter”.

With the service promised to roll out over the next few weeks, New Twitter, although interesting and with compelling features, is taking the service in a whole new direction, one where that original 140 character vision is no longer to be seen.

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Mr Clarke, Private Dick Extraordinaire [Detail]

Andy Clarke’s forthcoming book, Hardboiled Web Design, has a new home featuring a perfectly pitched design, illustration and animation partnership by Messrs Clarke and Calzadilla and Ms Coady respectively.

Very nice indeed.

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Sinuous [Detail]

10K Apart has a Grand Prize Winner. Hakim El Hattab’s Sinuous, weighing in at a mere 6.9KB of addictive gaming elegance, muscled through to take the top prize. A well deserved win.

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If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses

Titanic [Detail]

By no means new, but an accurate representation of the often vapid nature of Facebook commentary, If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses is spot on. We’ll leave the last word to Tyrannasourus Rex: Nooooooooooooooo!

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Tweet Boner [Detail]

Since Favrd folded, there really has been nowhere good to go to get your fix of favourited tweets. That is, until now. Enter TweetBoner.biz.

Not only does the site answer the often-asked question: “Who gives you a Twitter-faving hard-on?” it site also provides recommendations on who to follow, based on unusually smart algorithms.

Further, TweetBoner features a ‘Casting Couch’, where you can put your newly favourited, hopefully hilarious Twitter friends down for an undetermined period of time to ensure they really are worthy of following.

Nice work, TweetBoners.

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Plumen [Detail]

From our friends at Hulger, the makers of retro phones of the future, comes Plumen - the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. Plumen is now on sale in the UK, and priced at a reasonable £20, the lightbulbs could save you a fortune on designer lampshades.

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SX-70 Land Camera [Detail]

Should you be dissatisfied with your existing Aperture, iPhoto or Photoshop icons, Sean Tubridy has created a very lovely SX-70 Land Camera alternative.

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The Accidental News Explorer

The Accidental News Explorer [Detail]

If you enjoy nothing more than a spot of wwilfing, Brendan Dawes’ The Accidental News Explorer has you covered. An iPhone, “news app that celebrates chance encounters and serendipity,” The Accidental News Explorer’s motto is simple:

Look for something, find something else.

Now, what was I looking for?

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07:08 [Detail]

Should you have an idle iPad, iPod or iPhone to spare, Shaun Inman has generously, “thrown together a simple HTML, CSS and JS clock, based on the escape timer from Metroid: Other M.” To quote Mr Inman:

[It’s] Webclippable. Works offline. Add #24 to the URL for a 24 hour version. [It] looks great on an idle iDevice.


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dConstruct 2010

dConstruct 2010 [Detail]

For those of you unfortunate enough to have missed this year’s smashing cast of speakers at dConstruct, here’s a chance to listen to the entire lineup, courtesy of the official podcast.

Including such luminaries as Merlin Mann, John Gruber, Marty Neumeier, David McCandless, James Bridle, Hannah Donovan and Tom Coates, to name but a few, it is well worth tuning in to.

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Get To Build

Alt [Detail]

Tyler Galpin would like to get to Build. Rather than talk about it, or resort to panhandling, he’s done something about it. Help him Get To Build; in return you’ll get a lovely set of icons. We just did, you should too.

It’s refreshing to see the entrepreneurial spirit in action.

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Forest Office

An Office in the Forest [Detail]

Looking for a little office inspiration? Swiss Miss, eye ever on the ball, might just have found the inspiration you’re looking for. Spanish architectural practice SelgasCano have taken the idea of getting in touch with nature to its logical conclusion with an office in a forest.


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It's All About the Mix

September 6th, 2010

Having just completed an Opinion piece for .net magazine on ‘Crafting Web Design Education’ (and currently crafting our next semester’s lecture programme), we’re looking forward to taking part in next week’s Web Teaching Day in Manchester.

With Andy Clarke and Chris Mills - and a host of others - on the bill, it looks set to be a great day. (Did we mention it’s free?)

If you’re involved in web design education or active in our industry and want to improve the state of web design education you should make every effort to attend.

Organised by Richard Eskins, Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Department of Information and Communications, the day is a great opportunity for everyone involved in our industry to get together, share experiences and best practices, and help move our industry forward.

Our presentation, ‘It’s All About the Mix’, will look at ways in which we might improve web design education by practicing what we preach: embracing the tools we teach to develop a rich and varied range of learning materials, delivered in a variety of media, to ensure a dynamic learning environment; using agile methods to ensure course content is kept up-to-date; and fostering partnerships between academia and industry to deliver best practice teaching that’s tailored to today’s web.

There are still places left, you should sign up now.

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P Is For Petri Dish

P [Detail]

Another inventive, and very lovely, Daily Drop Cap courtesy of Ms Hische: “P is for petri dish.”

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Quipsologies Redesigns

Quipsologies [Detail]

Quipsologies (“It’s like Coudal Partners except without the links to Stanley Kubrick.”) gets an elegant, minimal, colour-coded redesign.

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