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TPUTH [Detail]

The TPUTH had been sitting in a browser tab gathering dust for over a week, and we weren’t quite sure exactly what to make of it, until we read iA’s excellent first write-up, The TPUTH, Part I.

As it turns out, even more impressive than the impeccable design are its technological underpinnings: TPUTH is powered by the same engine as webtrendmap.com, monitoring over 9,000 high-profile Twitter accounts and mining them for data. In the words of iA:

While the machine is a geeky as you can imagine, the GUI of the backend is the very opposite. It’s easy, fast and pretty. Optimized for quickly choosing, editing, cross-referencing and publishing the best links, it allows us to publish two days of headlines in more or less 30 minutes.

As interesting as the technology behind the ‘Socially Generated, Machine Filtered, Hand Polished, Electronic Newspaper’ is iA’s follow-up post, The TPUTH, Part II, which sets out to answer the self-imposed question: “How are we going to monetize satirical over sized headlines?”.

It could be argued that TPUTH is developed as a proof of concept of what can be achieved with what is a highly monetizeable asset: a machine - the Web Trend Engine - which can read, filter, index and cross-reference relevant Twitter feeds for you and even evaluate the importance and media relevance of these links, and present them in an easy-to-publish format.


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