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Introducing Typekit

Typekit [Detail]

Backed by a formidably talented team, Typekit looks like an interesting development in the ongoing rich-typography-on-the-web debate.

The comments at Mr Veen’s introductory post - Introducing Typekit - are well worth reading for a balanced overview of the pros and cons of the Typekit solution. Adrian Wride sums up the issue neatly:

The real innovation will be in the business model: making it easier [and] less painful to use high quality fonts and reward the fonts’ creators.

(Cf. iTMS.)

Whether or not Typekit is that business model remains to be seen. One thing is certain, there are a great deal of designers looking for that solution. If Typekit is that solution, expect exciting changes to the typography of the web as we move forwards. Watch this space.

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Meet Quatro

Quatro [Detail]

Meet Quatro, an idiosyncratic, but beautifully designed heavyweight sans serif courtesy of pprwrk studio. Best of all, it’s free.

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Sticky Footer

Duct tape for illustrative purposes only.

There are a number of things that appear to be really, really hard to do really, really easily in CSS. One of these is creating a layout where a footer remains firmly fixed to the bottom of a browser window regardless of the amount of content on a page.

Getting a footer to stick to the bottom of a page has long been a Class A CSS Conundrum. The doctor usually recommends additional content - pages with scrollbars, after all, are never plagued by this particular problem – but there are many occasions where this is not a viable option.

Enter CSS Sticky Footer.

With no need for duct tape, this single-serving site offers a (relatively) simple way to ensure your footer sticks. The only caveat: you can’t use vertical margins on elements with a declared height (however, as most cases allow you to use padding as an alternative to vertical margins, this issue is relatively minor).

CSS Sticky Footer is well worth a bookmark, some day you’ll probably need it.

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Panic Sale!

Diving [Detail]

Meet Tim, the host of Panic’s excellent Panic Sale! video:

What’s on the menu garçon? Panic Sale! How about Transmit? There’s also Candybar. And what about Unison? … What’s that? You build web sites? Now that’s what I’m talking about! You’re going to love Coda. Awesome!

None of the profit goes to charity and these are bona fide, fully paid up licenses. You’ll even get a discount on future updates.

Nothing beats a little green screen craziness.

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Diving [Detail]

Alan Clarke’s elegant and restrained Olympic Posters Proposal for The London 2012 Olympics conveys the essence of the games, whilst casting an appreciative, classic glance backwards towards past iconic Olympic work.

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Kusho [Detail]

Shinichi Maruyama creates stunning photographs that capture the split second moment of collision between black ink and water.

The resulting images are stunning and are only possible due to recent advances in strobe light technology which allow Maruyama to capture images at an astonishing 20,000th of a second. His Kusho series of large scale colour photographs are a technical and formal tour de force.


[Via Mr Nack.]

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Dear AmericanAirlines,

I have three suggestions... [Detail]

A fascinating exchange between Dustin Curtis, a user interface designer at Frogmetrics, and Mr X, a user experience architect at AmericanAirlines. Sadly, the realities Mr X describes are commonplace and, in larger organisations (for the most part) unavoidable. Mr X summarises the problem succinctly:

Simply doing a home page redesign is a piece of cake. It only takes a few hours to put together a really good-looking one, as you demonstrated in your post. Doing the design isn’t the hard part; I think that’s what a lot of outsiders don’t really get. Those of us who work in enterprise-level situations realize the momentum even a simple redesign must overcome, and not many, I’ll bet, are jumping on this same bandwagon.

A fair point indeed, but an interesting discussion nonetheless. Mr Curtis looks like an interesting character, one well worth following.

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Offset 2009

Offset 2009 [Detail]

The Small Print - the combined talents of Richard Seabrooke, BrenB and Asbestos - present Offset 2009, a three day creative conference from 6–8 November, 2009 in Dublin.

With a stellar line up including Chip Kidd, Graphic Thought Facility, House Industries, Experimental Jetset, and Massimo and Lella Vignelli, Offset 2009 not only looks like a fantastic conference, it also doubles as the excuse you’ve always been looking for to visit Dublin.

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Chalkwork Payments

Chalkwork Payments [Detail]

Dave Shea’s beautifully crafted Chalkwork Payments icons are perfect representations of common payment services and payment-related imagery for use on screen. Designed to complement Mr Shea’s equally appealing Chalkwork Family, Chalkwork Payments are free for both personal and commercial projects.

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I Can HasCanvas

Michael Schieben 'Gradiendless' [Detail]

A taster of what’s to come: using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and harnessing the power of the HTML 5 Canvas element, Robert O’Rourke has created HasCanvas a tool enabling artists and designers to create and share Processing sketches.

Up until very recently, this kind of thing would have been built in Director or required a Java applet.

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What's Golden

What's Golden [Detail]

Jason Santa Maria on the relative merits (and limitations) of classic ratios - the rule of thirds and the golden section, for example - when applied to the web:

For a long time we’ve been looking at web design through the lens of print design, and while some of the traditional design practices can make the jump to the screen, some cannot.

Measured words indeed.

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Ian Hickson on HTML 5

WaSP [Detail]

HTML 5. You’ve heard it’s coming, but when? 2012? 2022? Now?

WaSP Accessibility Task Force member, Bruce Lawson, interviews Ian ‘Hixie’ Hickson, editor of the HTML 5 specification in a wide-ranging and revealing interview that lays to rest a few rumours whilst covering some interesting ground about what’s forthcoming in HTML 5.

As the old saying goes, it always pays to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Erskine Design

The Erskine Bird

Erskine Design’s Case Studies offer a deep insight into the design process - from client briefing, through articulating project deliverables, to finished execution.

With four projects covering everything from a suite of web sites for Frieze Magazine to an expedition web site for Ben Saunders (a polar explorer, endurance athlete, motivational speaker and all-round good-guy), Erskine’s openness about the details of the design process make refreshing reading.

[Via Mr Stocks.]

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Neutraface Slab

Neutraface Slab Display Thin [Detail]

House Industries’ Neutraface Slab is an elegantly designed slab serif that features a comprehensive range of weights and styles including: five display weights, ranging from the restrained lightness of Display Thin to the exuberant heaviness of Display Titling; four text weights, running through Light, Book, Demi and Bold with accompanying italics; and an idiosyncratic stencil style (for those late night graffiti excursions).

Its hard to dispute House Industries’ assertion that Neutraface Slab’s extensive family, “work together like a typographic symphony or can stand alone like accomplished soloists.”

In typical House Industries’ style, consideration has also been given to paving the way for the next generation of designers with the creation of Neutraface Slab Blocks, a compact set of alphabet blocks that, “will transmit subliminal stylistic messages to both young impressionable minds or the odd dolt whose narrow view of typography is defined by a partial screening of the Helvetica movie.”


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Test Pattern

Test Pattern [Detail]

Test Pattern: An elegant (100% CSS) single serving site 1 2 by Joel Friesen. Please stand by.

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On Kung-Fu and Writing Well

Particletree! [Detail]

The Importance of Writing Well is a short, but insightful post courtesy of Chris Campbell, one of the team behind Wufoo, which highlights the importance of well written copy on the web and includes an essential list of resources for the aspiring writer.

Campbell states:

I’ve noticed that when a company reaches a certain level of maturity, the business seems to always require just as much communication, both written and verbally, as it does technical innovation.

Highlighting Roy Jacobsen of Writing, Clear and Simple, who states, “The words you use, either written or spoken, can have powerful effects on your audience‚ - if you use them carefully and skillfully,” Campbell makes the case for taking a dedicated approach to learning a new skill: writing.

Given that very few have the luxury of working in an environment where written communication is handled by a specially trained professional, having a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of writing can soon become an indispensable skill for anyone working in an environment where communication inevitably occurs.

Among the resources Campbell shortlists, we highly recommend The Elements of Style and The Economist’s Style Guide.

Word up!

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