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Twitterific 2.0

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In his recent article ‘Twitter Clients Are a UI Design Playground’, Daring Fireball’s Mr Gruber explores the UI design of Twitter clients, highlighting the different approaches adopted by a variety of applications. Gruber states:

There are several factors that make Twitter [an] ideal playground for UI design … Look at a few screenshots of these apps, especially the recent ones, and you will see some very different UI designs, not only in terms of visual style but in terms of layout, structure, and flow.

With the beautifully designed Tweetie for Mac and the idiosyncratic Birdhouse recently released - both gathering vocal followers - the stage looks set for yet another upgrade. Twitterific 2.0, an upgrade to Iconfactory’s popular Twitter client coming soon, looks like yet another iteration in the ongoing user interface design playground.

Watch this space (closely) as the Twitter Client UI Design Playground continues to evolve.

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