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Twitter [Detail] (Courtesy of Action Datsun)

As our loyal readers already know, we’re delighted to announce that our friends at friends of ED will be supporting us with a number of free copies of our book for the growing band of Standardistas following us on Twitter, a simple way of thanking you for your support.

Our carefully crafted pseudo-random-number-generator-system™ has already picked the first winner - follower number 256 - and over the next few days we’ll be announcing winner number two, using a new algorithm to keep things interesting.

As before, the lucky follower will be notified within mere minutes of following @standardistas at the ‘magic number moment’.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from a copy of the book and would appreciate a daily dose of carefully selected web design inspiration via Twitter, we’d appreciate if you could point them towards @standardistas.

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It’s all about the numbers.™

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