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Five Simple Steps

Five Simple Steps

First announced in 2006, but now available to buy as a thoughtfully designed book in PDF format, Mark Boulton’s Five Simple Steps - subtitled ‘A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web’ - is a comprehensive and considered introduction to the craft of graphic design as applied to the world of the web.

Bolton’s focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail and the fundamental principles of graphic design are what sets Five Simple Steps apart from the many other books that aim to introduce the design aspect of the web design equation.

Drawing on his experience as a designer working at some of the world’s most respected design agencies (not to mention a period at the BBC), coupled with his extensive knowledge of running his own practice, Five Simple Steps is an excellent primer on both the process of design (from brief to execution) and the principles of design (covering typography, colour and layout).

With both single and generously discounted site licenses available, Five Simple Steps should occupy pride of place on any aspiring web designer’s virtual book shelf.

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