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Khoi Vinh Interview

Interview [Detail]

It’s no secret that we’re admirers of both The Grid System and Khoi Vinh so this interview with Khoi Vinh by Antonio Carusone is a perfect storm of sorts.

In my view, the central challenge of any graphic design problem is determining the constraints. Constraints – rules, frameworks, limitations – are so often the spark that ignites an ingenious solution.

Wise words indeed.

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Safari 4 Beta

Safari 4 Beta

Get it while it’s hot. Amongst other enhancements, Apple’s Safari 4 Beta offers: History in Cover Flow, Top Sites and the re-christened Nitro Engine.

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The Book Cover Archive

The Book Cover Archive

A collaborative project maintained by Ben Pieratt of General Projects and Eric Jacobsen of Whisky Van Gogh Go, The Book Cover Archive is an eclectic source of off-screen design inspiration. Intended “for the purpose of appreciation and categorization of excellence in book design” Pieratt and Jacobsen’s careful curation is guaranteed to tickle the tastebuds of any aspiring designer.

Personal favourites include: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, The Myth Of Sisyphus and Simply Droog.

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The Grid

The Grid System

For once a strapline that doesn’t under-deliver: The ultimate resource in grid systems.

Courtesy of Antonio Carusone, the creator of the excellent AisleOne, The Grid System is an inspiring resource that’s well worth bookmarking. Minimally crafted typography coupled with a restrained, yet striking, grid meet well-researched content that results in an indispensible tool for the discerning designer.

The Josef Müller-Brockmann quote in the header underlines Malcolm Gladwell’s observation that practice makes perfect:

The grid system is an aid, not a guarantee. It permits a number of possible uses and each designer can look for a solution appropriate to his personal style. But one must learn how to use the grid; it is an art that requires practice.

— Josef Müller-Brockmann

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Twestival: Tweet, Meet, Give.


On 12 February, 2009 over 175 cities around the world will be hosting a Twestival - an opportunity to tweet, meet and give, and to support and raise awareness about a good cause. We’re proud to be supporting the inaugural Belfast Twestival, where we’ll be giving away signed copies of our book to raise money for charity: water, a cause we feel passionately about.

Why water?

Simple. Right now, 1.1 billion people on the planet don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water. That’s one in six of us. We’re happy to play a small part in addressing this problem by supporting the Belfast Twestival and we’d really appreciate your support through attending the event.

Find out more about the event and contribute at the Belfast Twestival web site. We really hope to see you there for what promises to be a great night.

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Five Simple Steps

Five Simple Steps

First announced in 2006, but now available to buy as a thoughtfully designed book in PDF format, Mark Boulton’s Five Simple Steps - subtitled ‘A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web’ - is a comprehensive and considered introduction to the craft of graphic design as applied to the world of the web.

Bolton’s focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail and the fundamental principles of graphic design are what sets Five Simple Steps apart from the many other books that aim to introduce the design aspect of the web design equation.

Drawing on his experience as a designer working at some of the world’s most respected design agencies (not to mention a period at the BBC), coupled with his extensive knowledge of running his own practice, Five Simple Steps is an excellent primer on both the process of design (from brief to execution) and the principles of design (covering typography, colour and layout).

With both single and generously discounted site licenses available, Five Simple Steps should occupy pride of place on any aspiring web designer’s virtual book shelf.

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iPhone PSD Vector Kit

iPhone PSD Vector Kit

Developed by Renee Rist for Smashing Magazine, the iPhone PSD Vector Kit enables rapid iPhone prototyping. Download the PSD at Smashing Magazine.

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Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap organise ‘Interface Collections for Design Inspiration’. Unlike the many CSS galleries in existence, Pattern Tap is usefully organised by category: 404 Pages, Borders, Breadcrumbs, Calendars… resulting in a developer resource that is not only inspirational, but extremely functional. Browse Pattern Tap’s Collections.

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