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Good Shit

Good Shit

Success is a simple equation. Mix: 1. A pinch of what you’re good at; 2. A pinch of what you love doing; 3. A pinch of what others will pay you to do. Bake. The result: Good shit.

The bottom line from the team behind Iridesco (makers of the excellent Harvest):

The idea is know what you’re good at, and try to find out what you love doing. Once you figure those two out, think about how can you make a living out of that (if you got rich parents, feel free to skip this step).

In the words of Mr Vaynerchuk, “That’s the real shit, my friends. That’s the real shit.”

[Via Mr Donnelly.]

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10,000 Hours

The small print: “Sprint widgets are small content feeds operating within the Sprint Now web site for personal, non-commercial use. Any other uses, including without limitation the incorporation of advertising into or the placement of advertising associated with or targeted towards the Site content, are strictly prohibited.”

Now that’s out of the way we’d like to encourage you to play Pong now.

[Via Mr Moore.]

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10,000 Hours

10,000 Hours

Every year our students ask us, “What will it take to leave with a First Class Honours Degree?” Our answer is always the same, “A great deal of commitment and hard work….”

Good news. This year we can provide them with an actual, quantifiable, answer. It seems that the difference between average and world-class is 10,000 hours.

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CSS Artistry

CSS Artistry

CSS Artistry is a web design masterclass in a box. Combining Andy Clarke’s excellent book Transcending CSS with Inspired CSS, a 2 1/2-hour masterclass on DVD, the resulting boxed set is an indispensable resource that you can return to again and again, for inspiration and reference.

With a heavy focus on the creative design aspects of the web development process, Clarke – an internationally recognized speaker and designer who focuses on creative and accessible web design – brings his trademark charisma and unbridled enthusiasm to an excellent web design resource.

Given that the cost of a one-day masterclass with the aforementioned Mr. Clarke runs to more than ten times the cost of the combined book and DVD, CSS Artistry is, shall we say, a bargain.

Get it at Amazon.

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Night and Day

For those of you who have just purchased a copy of our book, thank you! We’ve really welcomed your positive feedback and are looking forward to building a solid community here at the book’s supporting web site.

We’re working on creating additional content for the web site night and day and hope to have some substantial posts to the periodical over the next few days. We’ll post announcements via Twitter as we upload content. Follow us via Twitter for the latest updates.

Meanwhile, why not check out the Notes on the front page of the site, we’re adding entries there regularly to places of interest on the web.

Thanks for your continued support.

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